For Mining

In its initial release, miniZ supports Equihash <144,5> mining: Bitcoin Gold (BTG), BitcoinZ (BTCZ), SnowGem (XSG), LitecoinZ (LTZ), Safecoin (SAFE), ANON (ANON), Bitcoin RM (BCRM), ZelCash (ZEL)…

However, support for other Equihash algos (other set values for the parameters n,k) is expected to follow. This might take some time though.


Maximizing speed

* You can help update this table for the untested GPUs, provided that you report your Sol/s averages and OC settings. Post your Sol/s per GPU, and OC settings here.

Temperature range was ~40-50 °C. Except for the GTX 1080 that reached 67 °C because it was in a different environment.

Maximizing efficiency

Next, Table 2. shows power consumption, speed and efficiency, for distinct OC settings. On the left, keeping the same OC settings as in Table 1., power was limited to the value that maximized efficiency. On the right, after choosing a limit to the power, we adjusted the OC settings again.

This time the temperature range was 55-65 °C.

In short, as you may have already noticed, we need to choose our power limit wisely in order to maximize efficiency. Although it is tempting to limit power to higher values, it is much more efficient to set it to a value closer to the GPU lower limit. Moreover, other factors affecting performance are GPU temperature, room temperature and OC settings.


Although miniZ was not tested on all available GPUs, it is expected to run on all Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal architectures. If experiencing any trouble with any of these GPUs, do leave your comment here for support.

miniZ requires almost 2GB memory to work, but because Windows driver always uses a lot of GPU memory, the 2GB GPUs may run slower on Windows than on Linux.


  • NVIDIA 361.xxx driver or later.

Operating Systems (x64)

  • Linux distributions. Tested on Ubuntu: 16.04 LTS, 17.10, 18.04 and ZhashOS R3
  • Windows. Tested on Windows 7 and 10

miniZ is compiled with Cuda 8.0 (Linux) and 9.1 (Windows).


Tested on the following pools:

  • suprnova.cc
  • coinblockers.com
  • zhash.pro
  • miningspeed.com
  • btgpool.pro
  • 2miners.com
  • zsolo.bid
  • miningpoolhub.com
  • minergate.com
  • pool.gold
  • mining4.co.uk

If the pool you use is not listed above, leave your comment here and it will be added. Similarly, leave your comment if you are experiencing any trouble with connecting miniZ to any pool.

Developer fee

  • 2.0% of mining time