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  • Mining ZEL in Hashr8 OS – A tour with SavageMine!

    Hi everyone, Last night SavageMine did a live stream video mining ZEL using miniZ! Sorry that we weren’t there at the time! Nevertheless, we would like to share some hints that may help you understand some of the issues that occurred during the video. Let's do some real time, no-prep mining of $Zel @Zelcash using @Hashr8OS and the @miniZ_miner 1.5t miner!🤘😠 9:30 EST/8:30… read more

  • Get ready for ZEL! New algo 125,4 – ZelHash

      ZelCash will undergo a mandatory network upgrade – Kamiooka – @ block 372 500, estimated: 3rd july 2019. More info here. Check here block height:   miniZ just released version v1.4o that supports the new algo 125,4 – ZelHash. You will need to update miniZ to get ready to mine ZEL! 🙂 Download here.   Also, to mine 125,4 you need… read more

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  • How to start mining ZelCash (ZEL) with miniZ?

    Do you want to start mining ZelCash (ZEL) and do not know exactly how to set up miniZ miner and the pool parameters? Below, we list a few examples to get you mining ZelCash with miniZ and help you get off to a smooth start. Because these are just a few examples, you should check each pool page since more than one server… read more

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