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  • miniZ with NVIDIA mining series

    Some of you were unable to run miniZ with the NVIDIA mining series cards, on Windows. These cards require an older driver (≥382.53, depending on card and brand) that is not compatible with cuda 9.2 (see Table 1). We made available a version compiled with cuda 8.0 for Windows for you to use with these GPUs. Both Linux and Windows… read more

  • miniZ with NiceHash

    Here you can find instructions on how to use miniZ on NiceHash: From here click ‘GPU or CPU‘, or ‘Rig farm‘. In ‘Select closest location‘ select Zhash. Then ‘Generate stratum‘. You’ll get instructions to set the stratum+tcp address, username (your Bitcoin address) and password. Example usage: miniZ.exe --url --pass x --pers auto Follow your miner by entering your… read more

  • Hive OS support

    Hi everyone, we made a package for you to use miniZ with Hive OS. * Tested on Hive OS 0.6, and added compatibility with Hive OS 0.5. * You only have to create a new Flight Sheet: in Miner field select custom, then click in Setup Miner Config and fill the necessary fields as you see in the example figure. ***… read more

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  • Trouble running miniZ

    If you are experiencing any trouble starting/running miniZ, please leave your comment in the comment box below, for support.  

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