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  • miniZ with NiceHash

    Here you can find instructions on how to use miniZ on NiceHash: From here click ‘GPU or CPU‘, or ‘Rig farm‘. In ‘Select closest location‘ select Zhash. Then ‘Generate stratum‘. You’ll get instructions to set the stratum+tcp address, username (your Bitcoin address) and password. Example usage: miniZ.exe --url --pass x --pers auto Follow your miner by entering your… read more

  • Mining on 2miners

    In miniZ v1.0i we added as default mining pool server. To use miniZ with 2miners you only need to specify btg, btcz, or anon instead of the whole server name and port number. miniZ will autocomplete for you : [crayon-5c135f22075fa059461173-i/] If you are mining solo just write: solo-btg, solo-btcz, solo-anon. [crayon-5c135f2207602377586988-i/] For BTG, if you are using a non… read more

  • Supported pools

    The following pools are supported (updated) If the pool you use is not listed above, or if you are experiencing any trouble with a pool, please leave your comment bellow. miniZ will try to update this information and help you having the best mining experience.

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