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  • miniZ v1.0c is out!

    Hi everyone, thank you all for your support and feedback. There is a new miniZ miner version v1.0c: * Major speed improvement. Up to 20%, depending on GPU. * Better support for 1070 Ti 8GB. * More stable mining for 2GB GPUs. * Requires minimum 1.9GB. For example, in Linux you can run miniZ and Xorg with the same GPU.… read more

  • miniZ v1.0b is out!

    Hi everyone! there is new miniZ miner version v1.0b * Yes! There is a Windows version available! ­čÖé * minor speed improvement * Corrected minor bugs (–cuda-devices is working now, …) * Added support for Kepler GPUs Download here! Happy miniZ mining! Current Sol/s: GTX 1050 2GB ~13-14 Sol/s GTX 1050Ti 4GB ~14-15 Sol/s GTX 1060 3GB ~23-25 Sol/s GTX… read more

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  • miniZ v1.0a is out!

    miniZ miner v1.0a is out! Download here. Current Sol/s: GTX 1050 2GB ~13-14 Sol/s GTX 1050Ti 4GB ~14-15 Sol/s GTX 1060 3GB ~23-25 Sol/s GTX 1080 ~37-39 Sol/s Because your feedback is precious,┬áminiZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below, for general questions and feedback. Additionally, miniZ created a few posts to help and guide specific problems you… read more

  • Trouble running miniZ

    If you are experiencing any trouble starting/running miniZ, please leave your comment in the comment box below, for support.  

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  • Supported GPUs

    Tested on: RTX 2070 8GB GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GTX 1080 8GB GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GTX 1070 8GB GTX 1060 3GB GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GTX 1050 2GB GTX 650 2GB GT 710 2GB Although we did not test┬áminiZ┬áminer on all available GPUs, it is expected to run on all Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal and Turing architectures. It should work… read more

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