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  • miniZ v1.8y4rc1 – beta version- is out!

    Hi everyone, We just released a beta version miniZ v1.8y4rc1. Changelog: Improved stability for mining locked GPUs while mining ETH. Fixed rejected shares on 3060s. (Let us know if you get any.) If you get many invalid, and are overclocking, it may be usefull to use the option --dag-fix. Added --nohttpheaders to remove http headers from getstat api. You can… read more

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  • miniZ v1.8y3 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new miniZ version v1.8y3 is out with added support for Ethash mining locked GPUs (RTX 3060). You’ll also find improvements for 150,5 algorithm on RTC 30XX (Up to 8%). Additionally, this version includes --mt-auto, --mt-dump, and --mt options to adjust memory timings on Linux! (read below) And more… Please find miniZ version v1.8y3 @ Download page. Changelog: Added kernel for… read more

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  • miniZ v1.8y is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.8y is out with added support for Ethash mining. Fixed invalid shares on Flux mining. Improvements for 125,4 algorithm on RTC 30XX. And more… Please find miniZ version v1.8y @ Download page. Changelog: UPDATE: Fixed GTX 1660 regression while mining flux. – v1.8y2 Added support for Ethash and Etchash mining. Ethereum mining, most Ethash coins,… read more

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  • miniZ v1.7x3 is out!

    Hi everyone, Thanks a lot for your feedback! You can find miniZ version v1.7×3 here. This is a fix for version v1.7×2 that was having some major issues with connections, and was not mining ETH in the RTX 30XX GPUs. Changelog: * Fixed major issues handling connections on Windows. * Added kernel for ETH mining with the RTX 30XX GPUs.… read more

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  • miniZ v1.7x2 is out!

    Hi everyone, thank you for all your patience and for using miniZ miner! 🙂 A new miniZ v1.7x2 version is out with major news – we added support for the ProgPoW family algos, and Ethash (beta)! Please find miniZ version v1.7x2 @ Download page.Changelog: Added support for: – Ravencoin (RVN), Zelantus (ZELS) – Super Zero (SERO) – Zano (ZANO) – Veil (VEIL)… read more

  • miniZ v1.6x is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.6x is out with major improvements in 210,9 algorithm – AION. Please find miniZ version v1.6x @ Download page.Changelog: 210,9 major improvements: up to 8% depending on GPU. 144,5 improved hashrate for the RTX 30XX GPUs. Added support for SM_30 (Kepler) devices. Fixed issues with --pers on MiningRigRentals Combined CUDA 8/10/11 versions into one (same) executable.… read more

  • miniZ v1.6w2 is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.6w2 is out with major improvements in 192,7 algorithm – Ycash, Zero, Vidulum, Zclassic, SafeCoin… Please find miniZ version v1.6w2 @ Download page.Changelog: 192,7 major improvements: ~2-11% depending on GPU. Turing GPUs, and 1050 Ti, have the largest improvements. Reduced invalid shares on 192,7. Added 2GB kernel for 192,7 (Linux/Windows7). Added 3GB kernel for 192,7 (Windows 10).… read more

  • miniZ v1.6w is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.6w is out with major improvements in 150,5 algorithm – Grimm, Defis, Litecash. Please find miniZ version v1.6w @ Download page.Changelog: 150,5 major improvements: 2-20%, depending on GPU. Turing GPUs have the largest improvements. Added ocX table to telemetry. Current mode shows in blue, the best mode in red. ocX best mode can be saved to… read more

  • miniZ v1.6v6 is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.6v6 is out with stability improvements in all algorithms. Please find miniZ version v1.6v6 @ Download page. Changelog: Improved stability in all algorithms. Added --stale=n option to help deal with high number of stale shares (default n=100). Increasing n will allow higher number of stale shares but may be beneficial to performance. Decrease n if you… read more

  • miniZ v1.6v4 is out!

    Hi everyone, a new miniZ version v1.6v4 is out with major structural improvements (miniZ is now <16MB!). Major speed improvements for BeamHashIII, and minor for other algos in some GPUs. Please find miniZ version v1.6v4 @ Download page.     Changelog: Major structural software improvements. miniZ is now mini! (<16MB) Major speed improvements for 144,5s – BeamHashIII ($BEAM). Minor improvements for all… read more

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