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  • miniZ v1.5t3 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5t3 is out with great improvements for 125,4 – ZelHash – and 150,5,3 – BeamHashII – for ZEL and BEAM mining. We have updated 125,4 and 150,5,3 performance tables (stock, eco, eco70, and max power oc) @ 125,4 and 150,5,3 algorithm performance pages, respectively. Download miniZ v1.5t3 here. Changelog: 125,4 (ZEL): major improvements for various GPUs.… read more

  • miniZ v1.5t2 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5t2 is out with improvements for 150,5,3 – BeamHashII – for BEAM mining. Major improvements for GTX 1660 Ti, 1080 Ti, and RTX GPUs (~2-4%). Up to ~6% for 1660 Ti, in some OC settings. We have updated 150,5,3 performance tables (stock, eco, eco70, and max power oc) @ 150,5,3 algorithm performance page. Download miniZ v1.5t2 here. Changelog: Improvements for… read more

  • Mining ZEL in Hashr8 OS – A tour with SavageMine!

    Hi everyone, Last night SavageMine did a live stream video mining ZEL using miniZ! Sorry that we weren’t there at the time! Nevertheless, we would like to share some hints that may help you understand some of the issues that occurred during the video. Let's do some real time, no-prep mining of $Zel @Zelcash using @Hashr8OS and the @miniZ_miner 1.5t miner!🤘😠 9:30 EST/8:30… read more

  • Which algo for 1060 3GB at this moment?

    Hi everyone, Motivated by a question on Twitter we did a quick check into which algorithm is more profitable to mine with the GTX1060 3GB. A straigthforward and pragmatic approach to answering this question can be given by navigating to and filling in the hashrates/power consumption for all miniZ supported algorithms. We filled in the values for various conditions, namely… read more

  • miniZ v1.5t is out!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for your patience! A new version miniZ v1.5t is out! miniZ improved its performance in all algos and GPUs, fixed multiple issues, added a few modifications to converge to some of your requests. We have updated all tables in respective algo pages: 144,5; 150,5,3; 150,5; 192,7; 96,5; 125,4; 210,9. Download miniZ v1.5t here. Changelog: Major improvements: 150,5 and 210,9. Up to 4% depending… read more

  • miniZ v1.5s is out!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for staying with us! miniZ v1.5s is out! miniZ improved its performance for three algorithms!!! 150,5,3 – BeamHash II  125,4 – ZelHash 144,5 – ZHash Download miniZ v1.5s here. Changelog: Speed improvement for ZelHash, BeamHash and ZHash. From 0.3% to 3% depending on algo and GPU. Kepler support was removed in this version, except for MinexCoin and… read more

  • How to mine Bitcoin Private with miniZ!

    Bitcoin Private changed the algo to Equihash 192,7. Now you can mine BTCP with miniZ. How to mine Bitcoin Private (BTCP)? Check FAQ page 🙂

  • Visit miniZ FAQ page!

    We continue updating miniZ FAQ page. In the latest FAQ you can find information about tuning  miniZ efficiency and performance, particularly about miniZ command line options –oc1 and –oc2 (first introduced in v1.2m) to adjust the miner for your GPU at distinct overclock/power limit values. Now we have organized a table with detailed information on which gpus and algos have this option. Check… read more

  • miniZ v1.5r is out!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for your feedback and for staying with us! miniZ v1.5r is out! You can find  miniZ v1.5r here. There are speed improvements for 210,9. Also, we have improved miniZ stability, and handling of some issues.     In brief: Major performance improvement for 210,9, for all GPUs. Up to 7%, depending on GPU. Improved stability. (This was mostly affecting… read more

  • miniZ v1.5q6 is out!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for your feedback! You can find  miniZ v1.5q6 here. There are a few improvements, and we have added a few options that some of you asked for. In brief: * Performance improvement for 192,7. (Up to 4% on RTX) * Added --jobtimeout, --retries, --retrydelay for (re)connection customization. * Added --cleanjobs for miner to only accept clean jobs.… read more

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