Mining to 2miners pool made easy

To be able to mine with miniZ to 2miners pool you only need to specify btg or btcz.

There is no need to write the whole server name and port number (european server). miniZ will autocomplete for you:

./miniZ --url wallet.worker@btcz --log --gpu-line --extra

If you are mining solo just write: solo-btg or solo-btcz.
./miniZ --url wallet.worker@solo-btg --log --gpu-line --templimit 70 --extra

For BTG, if you are using a non european server you need to write: us-btg or us-solo-btg (us server) or asia-btg or asia-solo-btg (asia server).
./miniZ --url wallet.worker@asia-solo-btg --log --gpu-line --templimit 70 --extra

For more information on options and usage examples read here.

Happy mining!

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  1. alex says:

    Tell me please, for 1060 cards which one to use? cuda 10 or cuda 9.2

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Alex,

      for last miniZ version v1.0j use NVIDIA 375.26 driver or later, for version compiled with cuda 8.0 (Linux). We recommend NVIDIA driver 390.48. These should be the best conditions for the GTX 1060.


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