My Sol/s…

You can help updating this table.

Leave your comment below with your Sol/s per GPU, and OC settings, as this might help others to tweak their configurations.

miniZ will try to update these numbers, based on your best reported values.


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  1. viktor says:

    palit game rock 1070 – rig 6x

    av. – 54 sol/s, p0, pl 75%, core +180, memory 0

  2. styleshifter says:

    Laptop with Geforce 940M and 2 GB RAM gets 3.5 Sol/s

  3. Crypto says:

    Dear Team,

    Please shared overclocking setting for GTX 1060 6GB GPU.

  4. ssong says:

    1080ti power limit 69% core +110clock memory -405clock 61 Celcius

    miniZ 1.0j 83~85sol/s
    EWBF v0.6 71~75sol/s

    approx. Pool amount average per day = more over 5~8% EWBF v0.6

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