miniZ v1.0d is out!

Hi everyone,

thank you all for your support and feedback.

There is a new miniZ version v1.0d.

In brief:

* Major speed improvement. Up to 12%, depending on GPU.
* The temperature limit in the gauge meter was changed (telemetry).
* More accurate power consumption and Sol/W output.

Current Sol/s:

  • GTX 1050 2GB ~15-16 Sol/s
  • GTX 1050Ti 4GB ~17-18 Sol/s
  • GTX 1060 3GB ~27-30 Sol/s
  • GTX 1070Ti 8GB ~47-54 Sol/s
  • GTX 1080 8GB ~49-55 Sol/s

*Performance based on miniZ‘s tested GPUs. Hence, if your GPU model is not mentioned here we’d love to have your feedback! πŸ™‚

Download miniZ miner v1.0d here!

Happy mining!

Because your feedback is precious,Β miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below, for general questions and feedback.

Additionally, miniZ created a few posts to help and guide specific problems you may experience while running/starting miniZ miner, or other requests or information you may want to share:

  • In case you’re having trouble running/starting miniZ miner, comment here.
  • If you want report a problem with a specific GPU/architecture, comment here.
  • Do you wish to exchange and/or compare information with others, such as OC settings or Sol/s? Comment here.
  • Also, to report any trouble connecting to a specific pool, comment here.

Your first comment needs to pass a spam check, so please be patient if you don’t see it online immediately.

Finally, miniZ wishes you a fast and friendly mining experience!

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  1. Matt says:

    Cool miner! Running with a couple of 1050 in linux. Using your OC MHz’s and limiting power to 65W it does 16 Sol/s. All fine so far.
    Nice job! Keep up!

  2. miniZ says:

    Thanks for letting us know, your feedback is very important.
    We may have a closer look at the mining efficiency soon.
    Keep us up to date with your findings!

  3. Stefan says:

    Nice miner! I tried to run it with a geforce gtx 770 2gb on windows 10 (without monitor) at suprnovas BTCZ Pool, but i get following error: “out of memory::CUDA: failed to alloc memory for main data”..

    is it really possible to run 144,5 algo on this card with only 2gb memory?
    thank you!

  4. miniZ says:

    Hi Stefan,

    thank you for your feedback!
    The miner works well with 2GB GPUs on Linux, not yet on Windows.

    On Windows the GPU driver overhead is quite big leaving only ~1.6 GB for the miner.
    It requires some work but because there seems to be some interest on this feature we’ll try to include this in a future version!

    It would be great to know what is the performance on a GTX 770 2GB.

    • Stefan says:

      Thank you for your answer!
      I will try it on linux today and will report here about the performance πŸ™‚

      • Stefan says:

        I have installed ubuntu on one of my pc and now it works!
        The miner shows “1.12 I/s 2.5( 2.2) Sol/s”

        I know thats absolutly not profitable, but is was a funny try! πŸ™‚

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